Thursday, January 31, 2008

Work...Side attraction...nothing.

Amidst the heavy workload, tight timelines within working hours and the threat of my account being debited with 20k if i miss my deadline; I am tired of the blue screen, data, documentation and all the job gibberish in front of me. I want sumthing on a lighter note, and the easiest and discrete way is an escape to blogville; at least my hands are busy on my machine.

I have a few side attractions in my office, but that seem not to be adequate to get my mind off work for this shortwhile. It's not like i am being lazy, though that's my pass time or restless....
I just like to get a li'l excitement every now and then.

I am sure by now, it is obvious that i don't quite have anything to blog about. I am just hoping that while typing, sumthing will come up in my mind and i will follow a direction... but guess what?

I am still as blank as a Photocopying paper.

I enjoy my work for a few things -
the academic nature of it; paradoxically, also what i dislike most about it.
I can be in my jeans on a monday morning; even at a client site (i hope my boss doesn't read this).

Going back to Office side attractions, one of mine is a guy in my office.
This guy is far from being clowny, but he just manages to amuse me somehow. Usually don't sit faraway from him partly cus we work together in the same unit and his interesting appearance.

He frowns most of the time, i initially thought he was a permanently upset person. To be fair on him, he is good looking even with his nose in the air.

He talks fast, one would almost think he is under pressure.

His sarcasm is one of a kind, not encouraging at all. I once thought he was very self pre-occuppied.

There are 2 flip sides to him (on the job) - Very Non chalant (i no send type) and very responsible. You just never know with him.

But in the midst of all that is a God fearing and Consistent Person. He's got a lovely smile too, if only he will smile more often.

What about you...Any office side attraction?


rethots said...

Whoa!!! dear freedom-untitled is falling for him. Hmmm.....fall quickly and give us gist joo.

Office side attractions??? Hmm, when i'm look serious (while my boss'll probably be saying; "we got jackpot on this guy") my colleagues know 'm surfing away. I didn't confirm sha o.

Ariiyike said...

uuuhmm..rethots, i beg to disgree wiv u. I am not falling for him; i have fallen for someone else already. And i will keep u posted.