Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The burden of the Black Continent

I watched and listened to the news last night. A preview of the war between the opposition parties in Kenya inspired me to write this. . ..

When will all this violence stop?
I ask myself at the breaking of the news.
Brothers against brothers
Blood against blood
Flesh against Flesh
I see a brother being matcheted by his countrymen
A woman, defiled in the presence of her own
Fear and Terror Looms at every corner
Dread in the city, Shock in the hamlet
Hatred and resentment is replicated in genes

For what cause, I wonder?
Political, religious….
What just cause will birth such injustice on humanity?

A Race so blessed and yet so cursed
The Cross of the my Africa
How costly are your blessings?
Oil for Blood
Diamonds for Blood
Power for Blood
Are your blessings blood thirsty?
Or is it the womb that brings forth?
Or is it the People?
Or nature has endowed you…
What there is?

The land is green and yet immersed in blood
Organic manure is it for the richness?
One man axes his brother to death
On Greenland
Another on the other side gives surgical treatment
To her serpent; who swallowed
Tiger Woods’ egg
Yes! It was on Skynews.
What absurdity and conflict of Value.

I know what is stronger than blood.
It is conviction.
What drives the African Conviction
That overrides every good sense of judgement
And brotherhood
Is it greeeeeeeeeeeeeeedd?!
Green Greed.
The African Greed;
Fresh as its vegetation.

I tire o!
Will Change ever come?

1 comment:

rethots said...

Very beautifully written. To conviction, i add....
...that another man gets it does not mean i am less qualified.
...that even though i have been wronged but, for the sake of the country (of Arica) we want tomorrow, i'll let be.
...ultimately, we can only hope on Him.