Thursday, January 17, 2008

Charity begins at home

On the issue of the Lagos state government closing down ‘semi’ private schools - inadequately furnished private schools, like school in a shop, without conveniences …basically improper schools. They are not hard to find, u only need to walk down the junction. Anyway, if Mrs Deputy Governor is taking it upon herself to close down all of these inadequately equipped private schools in Lagos, should she also not take it upon herself to ensure that the government (public) schools within her domain are adequately catered for?

However one chooses to look at it, these semi- private are better than a lot of the public schools in Lagos state. At least they do not go on strike. 3months is 3months per term, lessons are delivered on time, at least the teachers are around (the question of competency of tutors is another issue).. But at least these kids get taught.

Madam deputy Gov, what alternative have u provided for these kids to learn? Are u giving some kind of subsidy on equipment in these schools or are u ensuring that Lagos state public schools are conducive for learning and are better than these ‘private schools’ in terms of facilities???

Log in ur eyes, spec in the other man's!


rethots said...

If i get you right, are you saying; that since the public schools are not any better than the semi-private schools.....why close them?

That the semi-private schools are sub-standard is enough reason to close them. This is not an issue of "half loaf is better than none" or even "a bird in hand is worth two in the bush." Let's face it, 'tis high time we started stamping our foot down to say no to what isn't right or is sub-standard.

A tough decision it is (but, eventually the better). Yes, and we sure have to start somewhere.

Ariiyike said...

What i am saying is this - If you want the people who can't afford to go to a standard private school to go to govt schools; then the govt should ensure that those schools are adequately equipped.
I agree with u that some of these private schools are really sub-standard, but they are still BETTER than the public schls.
IT's a classic case of 'pot calling kettle black'. And these poor kids are being sentenced to 'fire from the frying pan'.
I mean, one would expect that a better alternative would be provided.
If this problem is not addressed properly, it will only result in an increase in the number of miscreants in our society.
Then we will understand that Half loaf can actually be better than one.