Wednesday, January 09, 2008 far

Today I set out on a more serious note with a to-do list; I want to measure my productivity per day based on what is on my list. It does just make u appear really serious and focus, even though what u have on it can be stuff like
- Check my mail/respond to mails
- Chat on yahoo msngr
- Check on my facebook
- Go around crack some jokes for a li’l while
- Have lunch
- The Loo pls (after a heavy lunch of fufu and okro)
- Attend to that guy or girl whom u have invited to see u in the office
- Pack ur bags
- Go to the gym; u need to burn off some calories
- 2 -3hrs at swe bar, cubes or any of those to avoid the traffic on the island to ejigbo.

If u can finish ur day and achieve all u have set out to do, then it’s really been a fruitful day.

Anyway, I set out with more serious stuff on my to-do list like finish up my documentation, meet with my boss on appraisal issues, assist my colleague with his data upload, of course update my blog (yes! during office hours) and so on.... I am not halfway thru with achieving what i have on my list for the day due to some technical fault…. (which I’m kinda happy about). That time allows me to do some of those things listed above.

My point is this, in the course of all this seriousness, the issue of getting married just keeps popping up. Marriage is in the air at this period in my office. Every Tunde, Emeka and Musa seem to be getting married. Invitation cards flying about everywhere. Eligible or not as long as u’ve got the balls for the alter…we’ll survive the odds. And anywhere I turn, the question is when r u getting married?
It’s almost making my head explode, abi getting married na competition???

...gat to run back to work.

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rethots said...

Of course now. When and hope we are getting i.vs. The moment you say yes, blogsville will definitely get invit.

Such questions are bound to be asked, the trick is not making the questions make us settle for less than we demanded ('cos what we want really does exist).