Thursday, April 17, 2008

...For the sake of love

In the past weeks, i have paid more attention to my environment in terms of how people relate to themselves particularly within the concept of 'Love'.
What we do and how far we go for love
The excitement and adrenaline rush that are typical to the initial symptom of love
The inexplicable long lasting, bitter-sweet after taste of love.

Everyone is looking for protection, a safe place where there are no imminent threats to our existence; That gives an insight to why there are 'unlikely' couples,.. no apparent common grounds especially on the physiologically.
I mean, what other reason would a seemimngly perceived 'good girl' be doing with a perfectly 'bad guy' - The just not good enough, sub-standard guy? Everything else being equal... so it's not for comfort, the innate man or any other thing that can confuse the meaning of love.

Toyin has got a lot going for her, giving her love completely to a man who she thought was the perfect recipient for it; but the unexpected happened, he walked away. Whille she was re-examining the whole events of her past relationship(s), she met this unlikely guy.. her friends and families thot she was loosing her mind because this guy has got a condition that is tantamount to a lot of health problems. But She wants to damn all consequences so long as the man within is not going to walk away.

Temi was dating Bonga.. who didn't quite treat her well during the life of the relationship. He never introduced her as his girlfriend, and never took her out to public places. For Temi, she was hoping that things would get better and he will gradually learn to accept her as his hearthrob. She was alone in her love. Anyway, Bonga broke off as expected.
Now Temi is getting married to this wonderful guy who treats her like the princess that she is..
But the thoughts of Bonga fish won't just dissipate, the possibilities of what would have been with him still lurks in her mind.

.....To be continued

Thursday, April 03, 2008

In and Thru my mind

My alter ego is strong, compulsive and slightly askew.
It does get the better part of me a lot of times, especially on an emotional plain. I also dont like to stop it most of those times, like it's got a mind of it's own and i want to explore.
And there are times where my thoughts just go catawampus, contorted and screwy... if u know what i mean.

And you know what? I crossed the lawn yesterday on Ajose yesterday... so much for new year dos and donts. I am sorry i did, and i will not do it again. It's no such a big deal; but it's unfair to my independent will if i can't keep a promise as little as that.
And you know why i have to keep it? because it is inconsequential to nothing and it's not a matter of emotion, no driving force... So i will keep it because it's almost mundane.

The past few weeks have been hilly and contourish,.. and im still walkin on the hills and valleys.
..Even if i walk thru the valley of the shadow of death, i will fear no evil for God is with me.

And these contours are not valleys of the shadow of death... so i don't dare to fear.

Strength is my weakness... one without the other doesn't just make sense. You give me strength and u make my knees wobble, mixed feelings of fear and uncertainty,.... and the cravings and desires. I love you and i'm overbearing.

Went cold turkey on blogville for a while, blamed it to a change of environment... and now another change would not even restore it. Those are one of my numerous excuses for several of my inactions.

Have i become so numb... am i loosing my soul? i am asking me because just last night, i was walkin thru from my office to chocolat royale and i saw these 2 thieves that had been mobbed and were facing the likelihood of jungle justice...
and for several moments i did not flinch at the thought of these guys being burnt to death. I was indifferent... and u know wat that truly means.
Indifference to either a good or a bad act indicates a tilt torward the negative choice. My mind started to wonder about the future evil these 2 guys will perpetrate if given a chance.

My only regrets are for the things i did not do.. and not for those i did.