Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine 14.02.06

whats up my dear
how u doin?
miss u is an understatement. hope u are very well?
so what are u up to today?
everytime i think of where we have come from and where we at right now i am happy and i am glad i got to know u, the real u that hardly do people know or see. i am glad i have a friend in u, really glad that i do. I am sure u will turn out welll and u will get to achieve all the things u want in life and get to be the best that u can be.
i hope u get to have fun today and not be bored and all.
me i am alrite i have been in doors all day working on all sorts on my computer.
its cold here and i dont even know if there is valentine in the air at all.
sometimes i look at ur pics and i laugh, i cannot help but remember the last time i was at ur place, or the ride from ife to ibadan and then to lagos or the ride from the beach that nite etc.
u cant imagine how often i think about all the time we have spent together.
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! thats ur sound and i hear it in my head from time to time.
okay thats it.
u take care of ur self and God bless u.

Freedom in Chains

One of my favourite words is freedom, - In all it’s variations I have tried to ponder – independence, autonomy, choice. And every time I consider and think about freedom, I always still find myself at that inconclusive point of the ‘delusive nature of freedom’.
If Freedom is a state of lack of restriction and independence where there is autonomy of choice and the liberty of free will.
The wordiness of this definition is in a bid to capture the true meaning of freedom. Notwithstanding, It is still weakly and inadequately represented.
If this definition can be likened or linked to freedom, then is there really such thing as freedom?
We all crave to be free. Free from Influences…
Parents telling us how to live our lives, schools trying to instill certain behavioural patterns,
Free from government colonisation, religious entrapments, manipulation and antics, sinister habits, unwarranted situations. … and all the other freedoms we seek.
It is a common human struggle.
The fight for life is s fight for freedom
And if the above statement is anything to go by, then one can confidently assert that –
To Live is to be free.
Life is evolutionary, which means it advances from one level of complexity to the next. ( complexity is not necessarily complication). And the essence of living life will be to conquer every stage of complexity until we reach the desirable stage of delusion of freedom. Or good still, find a bench mark strategy to cope through the advancement.
Based on this, it will also be true to say that we attain different levels of freedom based on what stage of life we are in.
In other words, there is no total freedom.

What is experienced is a false and temporary sense of freedom, because soon after, we are beleaguered with new and more complex constraints. And another freedom need arises.
It is a circular motion, but this time not quite vicious one. It is simply nature that has sentenced the human race to a continuous fight for freedom.

So, life is really a continous fight for freedom…
Who then is truly free?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Epa Ijebu

… This time not the ijebu antidote. But a brother who is an ERP consultant with an affinity for Epa Ijebu, so he was nicknamed after the mixture because he is an ardent believer in the gospel of the ijebu antidote, brother actually carried out an M.Sc research on it. As far as he is concerned, Epa Ijebu cures everything…even incurables. Every and all infirmities are curable using the antidote. I almost thought he was on the board of directors for Epa Ijebu manufacturing company. He is unarguably the greatest apostle of Epa Ijebu.
And the name is here to stay such that more people know him as Epa (short form) and it has now been modernised to be ‘Epsy’.

Epsy can somewhat be a comic relief. He has his style and ways of having his ways. We all have limitations, but the sad thing is a lot of us are lounging in the limitation. Epsy here is a craftily smart guy (unseemingly), he has been able to develop subtly aggressive and effective coping mechanism that allows him in most cases to achieve what he wants. His nature is truly funny and peculiar (common ground for everybody) One would wonder if he was from another planet. Point blank is, he is just one of those, people like to laugh at….well; not laugh in the real sense of jest. People just enjoy catching trips on him if u get what I mean.

Well he got married just over this weekend. The news of his wedding was a pleasant shock; We were happy that he was getting married and also wondering how fast it came.

Anyway, I was at the church wedding, and it was nice…very nice indeed. He is got a pretty wife too and I think they are just a perfect match.

I consider him with more respect now. For Christ's sake… he is married. It’s an End to the era of Epa ijebu and I hope every other person concerned will do the same and show some more respect.

Dude is the head of a home now.

Congrats bro!

Monday, February 04, 2008


What is rocking my boat?
...I am almost scared shitless.

''There is no Fear in Love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. Because he who fears has not been made perfect in Love - 1 John 4:18.

My heart fails at the perceived storm in my boat.
I will be glad if my perceptions elude reality.

Is there a why? And will you tell me why?

Don't u rock my boat... cus i don't want my boat to be rocked.
You are the balance in my boat.