Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine 14.02.06

whats up my dear
how u doin?
miss u is an understatement. hope u are very well?
so what are u up to today?
everytime i think of where we have come from and where we at right now i am happy and i am glad i got to know u, the real u that hardly do people know or see. i am glad i have a friend in u, really glad that i do. I am sure u will turn out welll and u will get to achieve all the things u want in life and get to be the best that u can be.
i hope u get to have fun today and not be bored and all.
me i am alrite i have been in doors all day working on all sorts on my computer.
its cold here and i dont even know if there is valentine in the air at all.
sometimes i look at ur pics and i laugh, i cannot help but remember the last time i was at ur place, or the ride from ife to ibadan and then to lagos or the ride from the beach that nite etc.
u cant imagine how often i think about all the time we have spent together.
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! thats ur sound and i hear it in my head from time to time.
okay thats it.
u take care of ur self and God bless u.

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