Tuesday, January 08, 2008

U can't be serious

Welcome to 2008!

I'll try not to cross the lawn on ajose adeogun to get into my office

I promise to wake up and get up in the morning at the 1st sound of my alarm

I will make sure i take more natural water as fluid instead of other liquids

...... loads of them.

I've broken about all except the 1st one, well it's only just the 2nd wk of the new year. Time will tell. The really funny part of makin resolutions for the new year is that somewhere in ur heart, u are afraid because u don't trust urself well enough to be able to stick to those rules. There is an evil day, where u will break each of them one by one. but u just don't know when that will be; but it will surely come.

Ayo, broke one of his new year resolutions an hour and half into the new year. He had convincingly and soberly promised himself to stay off 'sugared' drinks in the new year. But 90 minutes of surpressing the urge to have a coke was a real war; and of course he gave in just like so many of us. And that marks the beginning of 'wo (look), let me just do it jare'.

But above all those little restrictions that we put around ourselves, we should not loose those things that make up our unique self. Live life with fun and enthusiasm, don't be civil all the time, argue a few times, shout if u feel like, laugh aloud, enjoy jokes, watch and listen less to less news....

Just live on the brighter side of life.

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rethots said...

I love the last part most. Live life... Hey! we don't all know Ayo.
Happy New Year.