Monday, January 21, 2008

Sex in the City

I recently had this discussion with my dear friend, It was an explicitly interestingly and sincerely candid discussion on one of the most popular topics in the world – SEX! I have been wanting to blog this for a while.. but i just kept forgetting. Anyway, that discussion inspired me to write today's post
Maybe someday i will blog that discussion (don't have balls yet).

We hear abstinence a few times but we hear, see and even feel sex all the time. It's everywhere on Tv screen, on the streets and on the radio. Usually a silent message of sex in almost every advert. slogans, images and all.
"We are better in bed"..remember that one?
Explicit lyrics on the radio,.... and don't we all just love that censored version of Akon's song? uhMM! i like it.
Really 'sexually agravating' (pardon my phrase) music videos and images on TV
Seductive clothings are in.. if u want to be noticed, u better reveal a good amount of 'vital parts'.

Bottom line is Sex sells! In the corporate world and under the street lights..anywhere.

The question now is - How do we survive the shadows of sex ..oops! sorry, i mean the image of sex trying to infilterate our minds and chasing us around. The only places that offer little protecgtion are the religious sanctuaries.. even that there, you are not completely shielded.
Your thoughts are there with you, That part of your mind that has a mind of it's own may start to take over. Inspite of the holy atmosphere, those unholy thoughts can start creeping up on u. You want to concentrate on the ongoing activities, but the thoughts and desires are much stronger and the truth is u really do want to indulge.

What do people do with their sex drive?
I am of the opinion that our environment has contributed immensely to the 'average societal libido' . It is sky rocketing and it will not take a nose-dive... upward ever and downward never. People want more - more sex, sexual partners, variations, increased pleasure ..and different sexual tendencies are surfacing and are being accepted and inculcated into the 'societal sexual behaviour'.

Meeeen, It's hard to stay sane in this very sexual world. Let's even leave all the externals and its bye products aside and consider the internal. That Natural Sexual instinct that is God given.
How do we manage it before it overflows it's bank due to the pressure around us.

It's a common struggle; i am looking for an anwer.

Truthfully, the energy that drives those sexual desires is so..strong.

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