Thursday, December 21, 2006

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I got a comment on my last post from an anonymous (Didn't publish it though); One of the points of the comment is that it's indecent (or something Like that) and unclassy to use the word 'dump' for a guy and it's as disrespectful as the word 'bitch'.
Maybe this anonymous took my statement "Dump him like a piece of trash if he treats you like one" out of context. Perhaps, he (undoubtedly a guy) didn't pause to look at this statement from the 'If' clause and must have read the beginning clause in isolation. I kinda like the criticism outside of the direct attack nature of it; Though i sense that maybe the word 'dump' triggers some emotion in this person. But for crying out loud a great number of people have been dumped; even the best of men have been rejected for whatever reason -justifiable or otherwise.
Maybe the article is on the offensive to the male gender OR is it an ego thing? Well, can't tell yet, i've got just this one comment from just this one anonymous.


Tope said...

Hi Ariyike, i was wondering if u are ariyike Adesina. I read ur articles and i think they are really enlightening. They are issues that go on in our everyday lives. Hope to read more from ur blog. Thumbs up.

Ariiyike said...

Hello Tope, Thanks for your comment; it's quite encouraging to know that someone thinks my articles are enlightening. Ariyiike is a name i like and decided to adopt. My name is Yemisi Iwashokun, it's on my profile.
Anyway, Thanks so much, have a merry merry xmas and hope to read more of your comments.

Shola said...

the anonymous obviously took your statement out of context

what is indecent in telling a lady to dump a guy that treats her like a piece of trash?

he/she probably did not understand the message of the your write up.

Anonymous said...

Oh gurl, there was totally nothing indecent about that statement or the word "dump" in itself. Keep doing what you are doing dear. We all just gotta learn to take things within context of which it was written and not misconstrue words.

Happy new year !!