Monday, December 11, 2006

To-Do-List Variation

Does having a To-Do-List (in the office) really help us work faster, better and effectively?
Writing a TDL reminds me of the routinous nature of work; It has a robotic feel for me, like a program to control my activities; especially when you have to put a time frame to it.
When it comes to working (office)...,i think commitment is what determines your efficiency and effectiveness. Certainly not a monitoring tool like a To-Do-List.


ODODO said...

Hmmm...I feel you. I don't always feel like writing one too, but i need it. I don't think there is a difference between an office To-Do-List and a Daily planner. Are your office hours not the bulk of your regular week days? How do you become effective/achieve goals/results if you don't set goals on paper with time lines and a means of tracking/monitoring them?

Write the vision.... what you don't commit to paper, you're permitted to forget.

It's a discipline just like any new habit you want to cultivate, it can't be easy on the body, but the results are ALWAYS visibly measurable.

All the best. said...

i agree with u o jare, in this office i think a protest rally will be ok?

theme song: all we are saying no more to-do-list o

Anonymous said...

I may not totally agree with you even as i respect your strong opinion.

I really think the issue of TDL and effectiveness on ones job is personal.

Did i just say personal?
Yes, what really works for A might demoralise B.

Even as TDL may prove to be an effective instrument that helps increase productivity at work, i can only suggest that line managers should take time to study their subordinates to know if new 'methods' would be counter productive or achive the purpose for which they were initiated.

But we should know that more often than not, Corrective measure a usually not desirable at work.

Adeolu Akinyemi said...


1. I don't feel good when I have a to-do list and I don't finish all I set out to finish. I guess I'll feel good if I didn't have one at all.
2. On the year I have no plans or goals, I have no regrets. I guess I shouldn't use them anymore.
3. I heard what doesn't get measured doesn't get done. I disagree, we are not all the same. Some of us don't need to measure ourselves and we'll be productive.
4. I feel funny about routine generally, having to do an activity everyday. I think I should just stop all my routine activities or what do you think?

To do lists are essential personal things. The reason why they'll be used in an office is to instil the personal discipline. If you ask me, no-one really cares about what you are doing, they care only that you are getting results. But in a learning environment one needs tools that have been tested to develop the habit. As you know, excellence is not in the act, it's in the habit.