Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Grey Areas

Yesterday, getting home from the office was quite difficult, waited a while at the bus stop and finally had to go and join a friend at their office end of year party. While there, i made some obvious observations that informed my writing this article. Giving the details of the drama will definitely take a lot of space but i saw how certain factors can make one lose inhibitions and expose the frequently hidden side of ones personality.
In a man's strengths are also his weaknesses. Most times, people present to others the side of their personalty they want to be seen. Usually the noble side - selfless, loyal, responsible...everything positive and powerful (by what standards though?). But beneath that is a negative that is inversely proportional to that positive. When i see people, i most often focus on the bright side...because that's what they illuminate but somewhere along the line and in obscurity is some form of darkness. For example -
Someone who is always cheerful, pleasant and eager to help most often might be concealing a lot of hidden aggression, resentment, anger and this will often come out subtly in form of actions that are passively aggressive and sabotaging. In the same vein, an aggressive, dominant attitude is most often disguising a shy qand timid attitude. A strong preaching against sexual immoralities might be a pointer to an underlying sexual issues.
obvious case can be found on the campus fellowships - sisters who are advocates for no make-up, earings, trousers most times end up being the ones who wear them more when out of campus.
Situations reveal the darkside in us, especially money (sudden acquisition without character) can wreck the seemingly most dignified fellow. Body language and Alcohol can offer also a sneak preview to the covered unpleasants.


Shola said...

i guess having different personalities presents the differences in our strengths and weaknesses.
its however very important for us to always work on being better far as both are concerned, no matter how much we try to present only our good side to people our grey side cannot be disguised.

kunle IT said...

perhaps you've become a psychologist, abi?
anyway, wishing ya a wonderful xmas

Ariiyike said...

Hey shola, thanks for the comment. I quite agree with you that the darker side is present with every personality. We should however, focus on improving on our weaknesses instead of masking them with coping strategies.
Thanks and have a merry xmas.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

you're so right. I tell people Im shy and they snicker cuz they seem me as being dominant and a take charge kind person...

nice blog