Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What is my Problem?

'tis a good day.
I've got some professional Exams tomorrow and i can't feel any form of agitation and anticipation. One gets this feeling most times when you are confident about your readiness for a test; but the case here is the opposite. I'm not quite ready, juggling work and study amongst other things have been herculous for me. It's not because i can't find the time to do them all but it seems like i can't settle down to do all that i should be doing. I was thinking before now if it's a priority thing or just a lack of interest for the examination; well maybe there's some lack of interest but for crying out loud i made the move of going to pay for the exams at the 11th hour. because i knew too well that i will be ready for my 2 papers in 7weeks or maybe i overrated my ability? Though i do not think so. Initially i didn't know why i'm not so prepared for my test; But now i know:
Read carefully and pls feel free to criticise my excuse.
Reason is this - Accountancy is not what i want for myself, i am more interested in HR but i think that having an ACCA qualification will make me more competitive in my field of interest.
One day, after brainstorming for a while about how i wanted to add immediate value to myself, i decided to go ahead and pay for 2 papers in level 2. But now it's like what i call Strategic Plans on Top Shelf. Like what a lot of us do. we take time to think, brainstorm, analyse, criticise and finally come up with a strong strategic plan, full of motivation and at the end of the day, they become materials for top shelfs. That means we end up not acting on them; they become stacks (you don't want to throw them away immediately for guilt sake). Like "New Year Resolution". We design and develop them but no execution.
Anyway, That's exactly what happened to me regarding this examination. Nevertheless, i will finish it and get certified.


@biola.com said...

Two questions, one answer
Q1: when did you notice that accounting is not a line you want to pursue, before or after you registered for the exam?
Q2:What makes you think you will rewrite the papers, are you failing yourself already?

pls don't be so hard on urself, you speak the problem of a lot of us. remember though that where there is a will, there is a way.

Ans to what is the problem? My dear it's "the man in the mirror" read up the artile on my blog... www.akinyemiabiola.blogspot.com

Finally, remember oga says don't come back to the office if you don't pass o... not to worry i'm praying for you, not because i wish you well that much but becos it's still very interesting to have a pretty face sitting beside me in the office


Timi said...

Why do we feel compelled to...?
A belated comment though but
comment i still will...
Do you know why 'll write my professional exams?
No, not necessarily 'cos 'm so very definite i want to practice but, 'cos i want to be able to make a choice.
What do i mean?
i can only make a choice (to practice or not to) if 'm qualifed to practice.
Hope your exams were fine?

Ariiyike said...

Hello Timi, Your comment gave me a new insight to the question 'why?'
My exams were good, thanks for asking.