Friday, January 12, 2007

Is beauty skin deep?

I'm not too sure if this title is appropriate for this article. I think it's a bit of an over statement for the content but i just don't seem to want to bother my head for a more appropriate heading.

Some People say Beauty is inward, some others think it is outward and another think it is both outward and inward.
Whatever school of thought you belong to, beauty is what you say it is. But really, can beauty be only inward?
I saw a documentary titled "Is beauty skin deep?" and remember hearing something that sounds like this - "beauty is largely physical (outward) though a good personality can compliment the physical beauty. Beauty as our environment recognises it, is largely physical. An outwardly beautiful person will get more attention and have more opportunities than an otherwise looking person. In the Fashion and entertainment world (which are mega businesses), Nobody really cares if your character stinks so long as you have the look for the industry. Though an inwardly beautiful person may also be seen and appreciated, perhaps only when time is taken to know the personality behind the looks".
I think Everyone is beautiful in their own ways, though it might be concealed by 1 or 2 things. No one has it all together. We have more beauty than we can imagine; we only need to harness those qualities that make us stand out.

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Timi said...

...couldn't resist this one.
At a very tender age, saw beauty from the face (evolving to the physical), but, with deeper understanding & relationships now see beauty (the inner) as what gives much meaning to the physical.
I summed it up as, "You are liked not because you are the fairest, rather, you become the fairest because you are liked."
However, i don't deny that a significant level of attraction would have been.

Gbeborun of Lagos said...

Beauty is God given, Looking good and 'stunning' is taking good care of that Gift from God

Anonymous said...

Understanding ones values determines how beautiful they are perceived to be. And the like popular saying, beauty is on the eye of the beholder.

Anonymous said...

Interesting one is this...

I am of the school that real beauty is inward....Yes I agree there are very attractive people, whom are referred to as beautiful, but I believe getting to know a person will bring out there beauty...

There are some people when you get to know them there character can be so ugly. Yet there are outwardly beautiful...While others may not be as attractive but when you get to know there personally, how they conduct themselves, treat can not but see there true beauty (the essence) of them.

True beauty never fades…cos, true beauty is the character of a person ( In my opinion) :)

Ariiyike said...

Uhm! Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. We all have diverse views and opinions on what beauty is.
i guess what Timi is saying is that real beauty is within. I quite agree with you. The beauty/ugliness of ones personalty radiates beyond the outward appearance; Only a matter of time. True beauty comes from within. It is soooo true!

@gbeborun of Lagos
Hey, i visited your blog today and i saw that my blog is listed on your blogroll. Thanks.
"Beauty is God given" No doubt! Looking at it critically, that sounds a li'l vague. How does one discover that beauty? I know everyone's got at least one thing that they can be good at; but some people just never discover what it is. It's true that outer beauty will fade away though it's God's gift too. So how does one harness the several gifts within that will make him/her stand out?
Mother Theresa was really old but her compassion made her a real stunning beauty (I think!). But that was because she found out the well of compassion she had within.
I agree with you 100%. I just need some answers to how the beauty within can be discovered and taken care of.

The standard for beauty is wide and varying. One of which is 'understanding one's values'. Now this is serious stuff. Imagine people who don't even know what they stand for?, People who are still discovering what their core values are?
Maybe there's really no perfect beauty judging from the varying perceptions. But Bottomline still remains - Beauty is what you say it is.

Shola said...

however we choose to define beauty and what percentage of that definition goes to either inward or outward, the fact remains that having a refined personality and disposition towards others and life generally, ultimately out shines an outward appearance no matter how well packaged.

Anonymous said...

Yea, I have to conclude that true beauty in really inward as well and that is very much different from outward physical features because alas! one may have stunning physical attributes with inward evil and spite, which is useless...

In ward beauty will flow outwards and override whatever flaws there are in the physical features.... dats we see some very outwardly ugly men with stunning wives and we are like "How did those two hook up? she is too fine for him" but we really do not see she could be attracted to something else in him that we do not see.

Ajike said...

beauty is deep and I personally don't think anyone is ugly... a unique quality makes each person beautiful... at the same time a thug killing people has no beauty to me... :)