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Truth is the opposite of lie, an embodiment of honesty, sincerity, openness, clarity and simplicity. Nothing is clearer nor simpler than the truth. Needless to say, the Truth is guided by perception and convictions, which is based on personal intuitions and value judgement; It is highly probable and widely differing according to as many situations, personalities, context it is subjected to. Truth is Subjective, Sentiments laden and peculiarity disposed. Hence the Truth is Personal.

This leads us to the topic of what is the standard and guideline for truth? Is it Historic (Events/Occurrences), Religious (Spiritual), Circumstantial (Time Requirement)or Innate (deeply embedded in the soul of man).

The Truth is Historic because given past experiences, events and occurrences, one can predict the future. This is so true to a huge sense. Economically, Politically, Financially. It is so true that even the existence and survival of world powers have been hinged on the predictability of past indices and behaviours. Major successes have been attained as a result of being able to evaluate correct the historical events and make future predictions based on these findings.
Relationships have been 'somewhat' accurately adjudged by considering the behavioural patterns of persons involved given the circumstances.
Even Traditionally or say I, spiritually, the extent of someones progress in life can be determined by the individual ancestral precedences so to speak.
Against this backdrop, one can unceremoniously say that Truth can be found in history. However, more often than not, certain unexpected occurrences have occurred that have shaken the very essence of every belief system,scientific reasoning and psychological theories. The Unpredictability of these certain isolated occurrences make their implications extreme and far reaching due to lack of preparedness. This, therefore is what inherently renders the 'so called' Truth inconsequential.

The Religious dimension of Truth: This dimension I will say proffers the strongest argument because RELIGION IS A MATTER OF CONVICTION. And no system is worth believing if the element of conviction is missing. Conviction remains grounded even when facts are unreliable, Conviction gives power, meaning and life to the abstract and intangible. Often we hear comments such as 'I can't explain it but i just know', 'It's what i believe and its not open for discussion', 'I just don't why I love him/her'. Conviction is very powerful, stronger than blood (family ties) itself. Conviction is what leads people to die for a cause they believe about suicide bombings. Nonetheless though, conviction can be an offshoot of brainwashing...(lol).
Anyway, my point is this - with millions ok, say thousands of religious beliefs and doctrines that are very well differing in dogma which essentially makes the message that is, the Truth fragmented, conflicting and complex. Giving the nature of Truth (simplicity, clarity); Religion does not provide the awesome basis for Truth.

Circumstantial Dimension: I love this one because it is embedded in human nature. This dimension describes the context of Making commitments and promises as a matter of time requirement. You love someone today and stop loving tomorrow: does that invalidate the initial feeling of love? The answer is NO because you felt what you felt based on the circumstances and happenstances as at that time. Taking those situations away may change the feeling in a different direction.
We are all guilty of committing to something and end up not fulfilling it not necessarily because you intended that from the onset, but things changed afterwards. Sometimes, the unexpected happens and it becomes simply impossible to meet up and other times flimsy things like 'forgetting' 'changing one's mind for no plausible reason'. Does that now mean that that the intents were false? Hell..NO! Nonetheless, it predisposes the person in question to being perceived as having no credibility and lacking the appearance of Truth. Therefore, Circumstantial/Time requirement does not provide a plausible vantage ground for Truth to be rooted. Action Speaks Louder than Words, they say.

Lastly, The Innate Dimension: This simply says - The Truth is within. When nothing else adds up, you will find the Awesome Truth in the deep and quiet place of your heart. It is that personal Truth that no other person knows but you. It is the personal Truth, the one that liberates.
In the face of trials, temptations, against the odds, after all is said and done, the only surviving Truth is the none that resides in your heart, the one you found by yourself. That there, is your spring of strength when push comes to shove. The innate Truth is there within every man.
There is no generalizing this type of truth. It varies for every individual and circumstance and there is no parameter or yardstick to measure it. That which is the Innate Truth to one can be falsehood to another and even that which is generally falsehood by every reasonable standard can be Truth for another. What you call your Truth is where you find your rest and sanity. That is my Truth.
Here is an example of a very ugly lady; I mean ugly by Evey definition and all physical sense. But If she thinks she is beautiful and that transcends into her perception of herself, than that is her Truth and the Universal Truth.
The innate Truth draws its strength from a more spiritual place. It is the only Truth that allows you to create and recreate.
However, the Innate Truth begs the question of Justification; which is entirely another topic for learned philosophers and ideologists (I could care less). Based on all the disparities, The innate is most ideal.

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