Saturday, October 30, 2010

Life is Sweeter With People

I dedicate this post to all the people who have been a part of my life at some point or the other. Some of u I met as a matter of destiny and for some it was just Time and Chance, some I didn't have a choice and for some I had a choice. The journey has been Not such a long one but you are the ones who put the drama, episodes and adventure in it. It was not all good all the way, some were good and leaves with me the fond memories of time past, some were not so good and was distasteful; but in general, there was something in taught me to be better, to appreciate the little things of life and to know that Friendship is refreshing. Relationship is the energy that fuels the world.
I remember my days as a child, growing up then was infused with mixed feelings... I was relatively sheltered within the scope of my environment/neighbourhood. Kids could run around, play football around the yard, yell, scream and all. You know that kind of neighbourhood where you know the names of everyone on your street and can identify them with their faces. Anyway, i never really had the free hand to explore within my environment. But I do remember some things which continually bring smile to my face. My childhood friend Ngozi...we were square holes in round pegs, even as children, we knew that and we formed our clique. she was my best friend as a child, we did everything together, pre-school was fun with her, we exchanged lunchboxes, went to school together, sat together, ate together and left together. I think once we kissed....butterfly kisses, what u would expect from 4 year olds. It's about 25years now, And I have not laid my eyes on her but she remains in my fondest memories. God bless u Ngozi, wherever you are and whoever you have become.

I was always the favourite of the teachers and that meant automatic animosity with my classmates, but it all went well, having the teachers by my side made me somewhat untouchable.... You can hate but you can't hit me. But something happened! My class teacher beat me up so much because he felt I did not deliver his letter to another female teacher. (well, actually, those letters were love advances. Once, I opened one of the letters...Uhm! Yes I did...and so what?). Bottomline is, I got beaten up seriously because the lady never responded and so he felt I never delivered any of his letters.
I do not want to start to analyse the scenario; so all ye deep thinkers, please save your pondering, analysis and argument for things in the present.

Right now, I'm having torrents upon torrents of my experiences with people that i have met and known over the years... Bla...bla ...bla
And then, I grew up, and my eyes became open to so many things. The devices and schemings of humans are limitless. Some were obvious, some unassuming...but I learnt and I am the better for it. I am not ostracising myself from these humanly ways, I think I could have been a better friend to a few people...hey, I'm not playing the victim alone here. I must have been a villain too at some point.

Every experience was worth it, Now I understand that friendship is a part of living, and true friendship is hard to find. If you don't find one,outside of you better half, then just love the ones that you have, relate and deal with them individually based on who they are, but most importantly be tolerant and not judgemental, enjoy every moment you can share with them...because those might be the lighter notes of your life.

To my best friend and my husband... Knowing you is the highest point of my life. From the day I said I do, every experience with you has been the bedrock of my world.


Ebele said...

Great post, I love it! Totally agree, life is sweeter with people no matter the experience. No man can be completely an island unto himself no matter what - and if you try you are only shorting yourself.

Mofoluwaso Salami said...

Keep writting dearie