Monday, October 16, 2006

A li'l Peep into HR 2

Hope you had a good weekend? Mine was fun. Almost wished it wouldn't end.
I decided to continue on HR as i started last week. I considered posting something on a lighter note but i think that concluding subsequently will be better for easy comprehension.
In case you have not read the previous article, please do, as this is a continuation.

Capacity for Change:
HR puts in place a system that can manage change and transformation effectively. Transformation refers to a fundamental cultural change within an organization.
Change refers to the aboility to improve the design and implementation of initiatives within the firm and also to reduce the time cycle inherent in organizational activitites.
HR professionals are cultural guardians and catalysts and also help to identify processes for change.
HR does this by helping employees let go old and adapt to new cultures and helps the organization to identify the processes that can manage change.
HR professionals are change agents. They help make change happen, understand the critical processes for change, build commitment to those processes and ensure that change occurs as planned.

Employee Contribution:
This role is more than managing the day-to-day problems, concerns and needs of employees. It is imporatnt to note that the intellectual capital (manpower) is a critical source of a firms value i.e the people make up the firm.
HR performs the role of aggressively and actively developing the intellectual capital. This it does by helping employees to contribute through their competence to do good work and their commitment to working diligently. HR ensures that the employee contributions are linked to business success.
With active HR as employee champions that identifies and meets the needs of the employee; overall employee contribution will go up naturally.
HR personally spends time with the employees and train and encourage line managers to do the same.

All Possible HR roles are summarised under the above headings.
HR refers to HR professionals and Departments.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. I had a good one.


Akinyemi Abiola said...

i trip for these things sincerely but suppose i don't know what HR means then ur HR topics will not really make sense to me. please put audiences like that into consideration. all the same i'm inspired.

empower yourself said...

you are great keep the good work on.