Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Free Your Mind

Thinking back, i remember i always wanted or felt i could do a lot of things that are meaningful and productive with my life. Thought having it altogether in a multi-faceted world was a piece of cake.
But lately, i noticed that i had made an unconscious choice of letting my life revolve around my work alone (which is pathetic). And this is not only peculiar to me but i think to a lot of other people who have to wake up early in the morning and go to an office to come back late at night to just end up sleeping. It sounds like a program or a routine, which we all have automatically been accustomed to.
This is not necessarily true with everybody, some people have mastered the art of not doing more things at a limited time but doing those things that matter within the allocated time.
But for those of us that are having a form of challenge here, i want to say that it is possible. Our lives doesn't have to be so streamlined and limited to our work life. How about other little things that add value? Take a second to think about this- How many times in the last 5 days have you made a conscious effort to give of yourself to someone else not with an underlying motive of getting something in return? Giving of yourself could be your time, money, affection - (your valuable resources). Or even taken time out to consider a bigger picture of how the world can be a better place for people around you and even the world at large?
One can be humanitarian in nature and yet be living a selfish life. You feel some form of sympathy for people that are less fortunate but rarely do anything to make them a little less fortunate. Think about it you have been living for yourself alone and even at that the vaccum in your life is widenning the more.
I can directly relate to this because i have been living thesame way too. Though i know i can do better, i have more than enough time to do those things that really matter, make decisions and take actions that have the potentials to live after me; but i've been engrossed in my almost valueless (in actual sense) daily routine. After a long thought which came about from a strong feeling of unease, i decided to consciously live beyond my daily life. I think about means and avenues where i can develop myself not solely for the purpose living more comfortably but largely for the benefit of mankind.
Bottomline is, we all that are caught up in our daily monotonous life can start to make a conscious effort to step out of that self imposed limitation and do those things we would love to do but ordinarily could not create time for.
Have a changed perspective, look at the big picture, don't limit your choices and decisions with you in mind alone. Think about how you want to be remembered after you have spent your time.
Live for a purpose that is beyond you.

Reference Image: International Consortium for Higher Education, Civic Responsibility and Democracy.


Temi said...

I really agree. We all seem busy ,some times too busy to notice the seemingly little things that actually matter. Lets take life a step at a time, a day at a time . Stop and think, Stop to play, pause a little to do things that make us happy.

Ariiyike said...

Hey Temi, Thanks for your comment. I almost forgot i wrote that article. You have given me a theme for my holiday - "Stop and think, Stop to play, pause a little to do things that make me happy".

Timi said... true, love my work and almost (actually did) so involved had no time for myself. Till, i consciously said to me, no more; and started creating time to hang out (& keeping in touch) with friends & even go to cinemas...
You know the beauty 'bout it? 'tis very cool. Especially the friends 'cos, eventually, they'll be the most precious of all our treasures. Cheers

Ariiyike said...

@ Timi
Looks like going to the cinema works wonders.I was there last weekend to "The Departed" and i still can't get over the fun.