Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I don't know what to write about and that's why this blog has not been updated. It almost looks like i am out of ideas; every attempt to ponder upon a topic or to see through instances and happenings around me is stopped short by a block;. Almost like i can't think straight and no reserve to pull from.
I try to avoid writing wholly on my personal issues; but i guess i am gonna have to go in that direction. Blogging about personal stuff makes me feel like i am exposing myself to global scrutiny and criticism. Especially when there might be someone who will be able to decode exactly what you are talking abt even to the real characters involved.But really i think i should divulge some stuff.
I am experiencing a stablility issue or let me say my present wavery state (in my thinking) and somehow that might have reflected in my recent previous write-ups. I beleive that alot if not all challenges or issues that i experience stems from a spiritual hitch. Right now, i'm not getting spooky. I mean my relationship- with my creator - God almighty and not some diabolic stuff.
Right now, i feel like I am on earth and God is in Jupiter; i just can't connect. And this is translating into my conscious experience.
I feel some form of no essence to my actiivities. I just don't get it; I don't derive satisfaction from anything really almost like i live each day as it comes without expectation.
The funny thing is i know what i need to do to get back on track but somehow i am confused and don't trust my ability to do what i need to do to get thru this.
This is obviously not a starting point. It just may be.


Thotstimi said...

"...don't know what to write..."
Well, you just did write (do you know, many are they who, day by day check your blogs?) and that's what matters, just writing.
"...myself to global scrutiny..."
As per this, i think writing at all reveals to a large extent one's personality. Very true, blogs can (& probably will) be decoded. But then, does it really matter? One blogs to express oneself, and people continually check one's blog 'cos, they simply get to like the person through their blogs (writings -this, i believe reveals a lot about one).
" essence to my activities."
With respect to this; personally, i tend to envisage what i want (to achieve) for the morrow through what i do now. In essence, my satisfaction (in what i do now) is that it's the pathway to what i want to achieve.
"...relationship with...creator..."
I'll just say that you should always know that His presence is continually with you. Sometimes i feel so far away from Him myself.
I like your blogs.

Kamal Oyedunle said...

Yemsy Sumtin,
I almost couldnt recognise your blog again, you are doing a very great work here, please keep it up, in no time I see you becoming the best female blogger in Nigeria.
And keep on being an Arsenal fan, dont let Chelsea poach you.

Shola said...

i feel you, there are times that i have felt blocked and uninterested, but i have realized that most times , the feeling could be a call for creativity.

if you look deep within and without you there are many things you could share with others on this blog or through other channels, whether personal or not.

about you as a person maybe you need time to sort yourself out with God( i just did that this weekend i feel really refreshed).

i wish you all the best.

Ubong Da said...

Ok tell us about your love life. eh that should be very captivating abi what do you think.

Bolorunduro said...

Yemisi your blog is really doing great!Pls keep it up.
As for karmal what has chelsea done wrong again?

Vera Ezimora said...

I totally understand what you mean...with feeling like you're on Earth and God is in Jupiter. It's a frustrating & overwhelming feeling because if God is on a different planet, then what they hell are you doing? It feels like you're not doing anything right, and no matter what u do or how you do it, it will all come down to a screeching halt...some day... some how... some where, and so you lost the urge to do anything, and when you do, there is no pleasure... because God is on a different planet.

Am I talking too much? I usually am.

But I think I get your point. And I think I feel that way sometimes too.

But I don't wanna feel that way anymore, so I'm trying...

...almost there, but not quite.

Ariiyike said...

Thanks guys for ur contribution. It's soothing to know i am not alone in this.
Got tired of the old look of my blog and i decided to change it.
Thot maybe,changing it might inspire me. I think i like the look for now.

rethots said...

'think 'tis hi time
you shared your thots
on silence?
The expectants are many.

Anonymous said...

lol, i have had the feeling of not knowing what to write so many times but you know what .... just sit one of these days and share your thoughts on just "anything" or whatever you might have been thinking of during the day .... that's a start.... the rest will flow

Shola said...